Wendy Williams Slams Justin Timberlake Amid Super Bowl Halftime Show Backlash: 'You're a Baby!'

The talk show host disses the singer for having so much to say about his halftime show this year, but 'nothing to say about when you ripped Janet's boob off.'

AceShowbiz - Super Bowl LII has been over for a couple days, but it doesn't stop Wendy Williams from dissing Justin Timberlake, who headlined the annual championship's halftime show. The talk show host was not particularly happy that the 37-year-old singer had so much to say about his halftime performance this year, but kept quiet about his infamous "nipplegate" incident.

"Sorry that your career is in the toilet at this point Justin. Sorry Justin that nobody liked your last album. Sorry Justin that you're crying like a baby," Wendy said on her show Tuesday, February 6 during her "Hot Topics" segment. "And sorry Justin that you have so much to say about this performance, but nothing to say about when you ripped Janet's [Janet Jackson] boob off."

Justin faced backlash following his Super Bowl halftime performance. Many people were not happy that he included a purple projection of Prince as a tribute to the late musician. In addition, they slammed him for being "selfish" for not having a special guest on stage with him. And just like Wendy, people were also upset that he didn't mention Janet at all during his performance.

"He chose to perform the song 'Rock Your Body', during which the famous wardrobe malfunction took place, and yet he didn't mention Janet: He didn't shout her out, and he stopped the song right before the line during which he ripped off her costume," pop critic Ann Powers said. "It was almost like he was trying to erase what had happened in the past, but that is just not flying in 2018."

While Justin has yet to address the backlash, Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson, has responded to the issue surrounding her late brother. She told TMZ on Monday, February 5 that she thought her brother would have actually been fine with Justin's tribute.

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