Kylie Jenner Reportedly Regrets Having Baby With Travis Scott: 'It Should Have Been Tyga's Baby'

The 20-year-old cosmetic mogul reportedly has been 'having trouble sleeping late at night' as she begins to think 'it should have been Tyga's baby, not Travis'.'

AceShowbiz - As her due date approaches, Kylie Jenner is wondering if she is pregnant with the wrong guy's baby. Rumors are flying that the 20-year-old cosmetic mogul wishes that she was having ex Tyga's child instead of Travis Scott (II)'s.

"Kylie is dealing with major regrets over her pregnancy as her due date quickly approaches," a source close to Kylie tells "She is second guessing the biggest decision in her life, having a baby with Travis. As her relationship with her baby daddy is so rocky and uncertain, Kylie is starting to think she made the wrong decision by deciding to have a baby with someone who is no longer present much in her life."

The source adds that the "Life of Kylie" star has been "having trouble sleeping late at night, worrying about her decision." The source continues, "Kylie can't help but wonder how things would be different if her baby was Tyga's. She misses her ex Tyga, who was always caring and present, and she is beginning to think it should have been Tyga's baby, not Travis'."

The report comes just days after the couple was rumored to not be having sex for three months. A source told at the time, "Kylie and Travis are in limbo right now, she says they're still together but he's hardly ever around. And when he does come around it's kind of tense because Kylie got so much resentment build up."

The source further told the webloid that they are "not intimate anymore." Regarding the sex issue, the source explained that the reality star "just doesn't feel sexy and isn't comfortable going there. Travis is respectful and doesn't pressure her but it can't be easy for him either. It's a tough situation for both of them."

Kylie is reportedly due in early February. She was recently spotted sporting a huge baby bump during an outing to a construction site with momager Kris Jenner and best pal Jordyn Woods.

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