Shannen Doherty Returns in Red Band Trailer of 'Heathers' Reboot

The 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star, who played Heather Duke in the original 1988 movie, is set to appear in three episodes of the upcoming reboot.

AceShowbiz - Paramount Network has unearthed the first NSFW trailer of its modern take on 1988 cult movie "Heathers". The red band trailer sees what can be expected from the dark and edgy series. In addition, it offers the first look at the original movie's star returning for the reboot.

The trailer opens with new Veronica Sawyer (Grace Victoria Cox) being confronted by present day Heather Chandler (Melanie Field), the savage leader of the clique consisting of Heather Duke (Brendan Scannell) and Heather McNamara (Jasmine Mathews). The Heathers rule Westerbugh High with their intimidating look.

Enter J.D. (James Scully), who grabs Veronica's attention with his "rebel thing." However, it turns out that J.D. is not only a rebel teen as he has "killing Heather" in his agenda. Heather Chandler is later seen warning Veronica about her "domestic terrorist boyfriend," while Heather Duke dubs J.D. "a teenage Charles Manson."

"I wish Heather Chandler would just die so that I can finally be free," Veronica writes on her diary before a scene of her burying Heather Chandler alive flickers on the screen.

The scene then transitions to Shannen Doherty pointing a gun to the camera. "Whatever you do, make sure it matters," she tells someone offscreen. The "Beverly Hills, 90210" actress, who played Heather Duke in the original film feature, is set to guest star in three episodes of the 10-part series.

Back to the trailer, some spooky scenes continue to be briefly glimpsed. They include a scene of Doherty's character setting a bomb at an unknown place, someone being hung in front of Veronica and Heather Chandler getting choked to death in presumably her room with J.D. and Veronica standing besides her. Her death is ruled as suicide, but a group of teachers point out that her skin was too flawless for someone who just committed suicide.

Heathers premieres on Wednesday, March 7 at 10 P.M. on Paramount Network.

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