Kylie Jenner Is Finally Spotted With Her Huge Baby Bump at CVS, but Fans Are Confused

A photo surfaces featuring the 20-year-old star shopping in baggy clothes at the store in Calabasas on Monday, the same day Kim Kardashian welcomed her third child via surrogate.

AceShowbiz - Kylie Jenner, who is rumored to be pregnant with Travis Scott (II)'s baby, reportedly has finally been spotted with her baby bump, but it sparks confusion among fans. A photo has surfaced allegedly featuring the rumored-pregnant star shopping in baggy clothes at CVS on Monday, January 15, the same day sister Kim Kardashian welcomed her third child via surrogate.

While the photo agency that posted the pic was not able to confirm if the woman was Kylie, some fans believed that she's indeed Kylie, who was at the Calabasas store, reportedly located near Cedars-Sinai where Kim's surrogate gave birth, to buy razors. "OMG GUYS KYLIE JENNER IS REALLY PREGNANT!!! Spotted at CVS in Calabasas today," one fan gushed.

"@KylieJenner b***h are you pregnant or what ... I'm tired of defending you to my family members that don't understand or respect The Katdashian/Jenners," one wrote, to which another responded, "She definitely is, she was spotted in CVS drug store with a baby bump. I don't think someone could photoshop this."

But another speculation sparked after the photo made its rounds on the internet, with many believing it's a "decoy" planted by the famous family as they still believed Kylie was Kim's surrogate to her newborn daughter. "And that pic of #kylie at CVS today? A decoy planted by the #kardashians," one wrote.

Suggesting that the woman in the pic doesn't look exactly like Kylie, another said, "i'm incredibly mad that people fell for that kylie being spotted pregnant at cvs b.s. that was DEFINITELY NOT kylie. okay c ya."

"Kylie Jenner is NOT gonna walk into a cvs," one other tweeted. "She has people to do that for her."

Reps for the Kardashian-Jenner clan have not commented on the picture. News of Kylie expecting her first child with her rapper boyfriend Travis first broke in late September last year, but neither the couple nor her family has publicly confirmed her pregnancy even though it's expected that the cosmetics mogul is due out next month already.

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