Lewis Hamilton Accused of Being Obsessed With Threesomes by Ex-Girlfriend

Veronica Valle, who met the Formula One driver through Instagram, alleges that Lewis joked about having a threesome with another woman during their trip to Barbados.

AceShowbiz - Lewis Hamilton was accused of being obsessed with threesomes by his ex-girlfriend. Model Veronica Valle, who met the Formula One driver through Instagram in 2015, recently spoke up about her former boyfriend in an interview, revealing that he "is such a strange character."

"He's Jekyll and Hyde. He can switch moods very quickly and sometimes that would come about just because somebody used the wrong toilet," she told The Sun. "We were on the way to New York and Lewis went crazy after he found that the pilot had pooped in the toilet. He was going to fire the pilot! He said, 'Everybody knows that they shouldn't take a s**t on my plane.' He was really mad."

The poor pilot was not the only victim of Lewis' strange toilet rules. She claimed that she was also confronted by Lewis after he found out that she pooped at a certain toilet in his house. "I ended up having to use the toilet that was next to the kitchen number two," she continued, before revealing that Lewis was really upset and about to yell at her for using the toilet. "He said I should have used the one in the guestroom. It was completely bizarre," she recalled.

The 26-year-old model went on claiming that he called her "a fat Oompa Loompa," scolded her for not eating ice cream properly and constantly tried to talk her into having threesome. "We ended up going to a party in New York. We go to this club and Karrueche Tran was there," Veronica added. "I was upset at the party because Lewis had left me to the side. Somebody later said something about having a threesome with Karrueche Tran. I said no -- I wouldn't do that."

Later on, when the former couple went on a trip to Barbados, Veronica alleged that he joked about her joining him for a tryst with another woman. "I was so embarrassed -- nothing happened," she said. Even though the model claimed that Lewis "was obsessed with threesomes," she said that he was "just joking" about them. "As far as I'm aware he never actually had any," she added.

Concluding her story, Veronica said that she changed her number to completely cut him out of her life, as he "wasn't the sweet guy I met first of all in Barbados." She continued, "I felt like he was using me just for sex. It felt really bad."

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