TWICE Escapes From Anime World in 'Candy Pop' Music Video

The candy colored clip finds the nine-piece girl group searching for a way to get out from the anime world with the help of a truck driver.

AceShowbiz - Last year, TWICE made a successful debut in Japan with their single "One More Time". The nine-piece girl group was even invited to the biggest Japanese music festival called "Kohaku Uta Gassen". Following the success, TWICE released their music video for their second Japanese track "Candy Pop".

The colorful clip begins with a girl turning on the TV in her room as she's bored. She watches an anime show entitled "Candy Pop", on which Jihyo and the girls star. After a series of events, the group transforms into real girls and immediately tries to escape from the anime world.

Their escape journey is not easy, obviously, as they run into a group of anime police who prevent them from escaping. However, with the help of a truck driver, they manage to get out from the world and arrive to the said girl's room. The end of the clip sees TWICE and the girl cutely dancing to the song together.

"Candy Pop" is the group's first single of 2018. Even though the music video has already been released, the track itself will be released on February 7.

In related news, the nine-piece group has broken a record for K-Pop girl group's music videos. The music video for their Korean track "Likey" has become the fastest girl group music video to reach 150 million views on YouTube, beating Blackpink's "As If It's Your Last" music video.

The group has also been named the first foreign female artist to achieve a triple crown on Japan's Oricon chart. This achievement came after the girl topped the rookie artist total sales chart. TWICE's total sales this year, including singles, albums, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, have been recorded as 1.54 billion yen. EXO previously topped the chart in 2016, while KARA took the top spot on the chart in 2010.

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