Watch Iggy Azalea Get Spanked by Dancers During Las Vegas Performance

During the Australian raptress' performance of 'Work', the female dancers approach Iggy and start showcasing some sexy dance moves in front of the audience.

AceShowbiz - After Monster Products announced their official partnership with Iggy Azalea, the Australian raptress has taken the stage at Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas. Iggy belted out several of her hit songs that night, including "Black Widow", "Fancy" and "Work"

Iggy, who donned a skintight ensemble, was joined by female dancers wearing tight leather shorts and fishnet tops that night. And during her performance of "Work", the dancers approached Iggy and started showcasing some sexy dance moves together with the raptress, gaining loud cheer from the largely male audience.

"Two feet in the red dirt, school skirt/ Sugar cane, back lanes, Three jobs, took years to save/ But I got a ticket on that plane," Iggy rhymed while jumping around the stage. "People got a lot to say/ But don't know sh**t about where I was made/ Or how many floors that I had to scrub/ Just to make it past where I am from."

Prior to this, Iggy announced during Monster Products' CES 2018 press conference that she would be releasing a new single entitled "Savior" as a part of her partnership with the headphones brand. She revealed that the track would feature Quavo of Migos and would appear in Monster Products' 2018 Super Bowl advertisement on February 4. The song itself will be released on February 1.

"We're just really excited," Iggy said, before answering someone who asked when the song would be released. "A drop date? I think around February 1. We're putting it out 'cause we have a special collaboration that's gonna be happening," she shared.

After the conference, Iggy took to Instagram to express her excitement for being able to work together with Aerosmith's guitarist Joe Perry, who collaborated with the brand on its new "The Sound of Rock" line, and the brand's founder Noel Lee.

"I am beyond excited to be working with these two absolutely legendary people," she wrote along with a picture of the three. "I am so grateful for the opportunity, you can't even imagine @monsterproducts I can't wait for our SuperBowl commercial!"

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