Gianni Versace's Killer Was Obsessed With Tom Cruise

Andrew Cunanan, who shot himself to death eight days after killing Versace, reportedly 'wanted to be Tom Cruise and often emulated him.'

AceShowbiz - Ahead of the premiere of "American Crime Story" season 2 that will depict the assassination of Gianni Versace, shocking facts about the killer have been revealed. Among them is Andrew Cunanan's obsession with Tom Cruise.

According to Radar Online, Cunanan bragged he'd one day become his lover. "Andrew was consumed by Tom," says Michael O'Brien, a one-time pal of the notorious gay gigolo. "He lusted after him sexually. He had a Cruise gauge or meter when it came to rating other guys. If somebody said to him a guy on the street was cute, Andrew would say, 'Oh, he's OK, but he's no Tom Cruise. No guy is as cute as my Tom.' "

"Andrew wanted to be Tom Cruise and often emulated him," O'Brien adds, "He'd go to Hollywood and hit the best places and drive around in a rented BMW in the hopes of running into his hero."

He goes on sharing, "He had a vast collection of leather jackets, but his favorite was the bomber jacket that looked exactly like the one Cruise wore in 'Top Gun'. Andrew would look in the mirror and pretend to be the characters Tom played in the movies."

The site also reveals that Cunanan likely killed Versace out of revenge for being infected with AIDS-causing HIV. San Diego AIDS counselor Mike Dudley says when he spoke to Cunanan about safe sex, he jumped up, kicked the wall and yelled, "If I found out who did this to me, I'm gonna get them."

Cunanan spied on his target at a popular Miami Beach hot spot called Liquid, six hours before the shooting. According to an eyewitness, the two were close enough that night to make a physical contact, but Cunanan was careful not to show his face.

"In hindsight, I never thought much about it," a witness shares. "At first, I figured he was just another young wannabe hoping to attract Gianni's attention. Now I know the opposite was true. He was there planning the kill."

The witness adds that Cunanan "was dancing by himself until 4 A.M. And he looked really strange at times. It was like he was performing some sort of weird ritual."

Cunanan is portrayed by Darren Criss on "The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story" which will premiere on January 17, 2018 on FX. Edgar Ramirez plays the famous fashion designer with Ricky Martin starring as his longtime lover Antonio D'Amico.

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