Possible First Look at Tom Hardy's Venom Suit Unveiled

Creature artist Mikkel Frandsen shares some photos featuring supposed designs for Hardy's symbiote suit.

AceShowbiz - What Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock in his full Venom mode will look like may have just been revealed. Creature artist Mikkel Frandsen has shared some photos featuring supposed designs for the actor's symbiote suit in Sony's "Venom (2018)".

Shared on Frandsen's website, the photos provide fans with an idea of how Hardy's Eddie Brock will look like when he fully transforms into the symbiote via CGI. It has yet to be confirmed by the studio if the designs are for the upcoming R-rated Spider-Man spin-off, but Frandsen does have an unannounced movie project listed for next year.

While fans are patiently waiting for the studio to release the first official look of Hardy's Venom, a bunch of set photos featuring the buff actor as the infamous Spidey supervillain have surfaced online, as filming on the upcoming flick is underway in Atlanta, Georgia.

Taken from the set on Tuesday, December 19, the photos featured Hardy getting physical as he appeared to film a scene where his human character tried to battle for control of his body against the symbiote who had to bond with him to survive.

Prior to this, Hardy was spotted filming a brutal fight scene with co-star Scott Haze, whose character is yet to be disclosed. Rumor had it that Haze might be playing Carnage, but that speculation was debunked. Founder and Editor in Chief of Heroic Hollywood Umberto Gonzales revealed via Twitter that "Scott Haze is NOT playing Carnage."

"Venom" is set for an October 5, 2018 release in U.S. theaters. It is based on the villain who appeared in "Spider-Man 3" and Sony is hoping the character could serve as an antidote to the aging "Spider-Man" franchise in the way that Fox has used Wolverine to add longevity to its "X-Men" franchise.

Serving behind the lens is Ruben Fleischer, who took inspiration for the character's portrayal from a quote in the comics: "You're Eddie Brock. I'm the symbiote. Together we are Venom." Hardy is also doing performance capture for the role. Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinker and Kelly Marcel provide the screenplay. The cast also includes Woody Harrelson, Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate, Reid Scott and Michelle Williams.

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