Kevin Hart Slammed Over 'Sexist' Monologue on 'Saturday Night Live'

The 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' actor is blasted over his comments that confine women to dated gender roles before dubbing them not fun.

AceShowbiz - %cKevin Hart% was the host of "Saturday Night Live" in its latest December 16 episode. While he delivered a baby-centric monologue, he offended a lot of feminists with his comments about women which were deemed sexist.

When talking about the challenges of parenthood, Hart might unwittingly reinforce dated gender roles and patriarchal expressions of what men and women are "supposed" to be. "I take my hat off [to women]. Because when it comes to putting structure in a child's life - bathing, feeding, taking a kid to school, from school, you guys do that," he said, implying that women don't earn paychecks.

He then went on calling them not funny. "The one thing that you're not is fun. You never heard a kid say, 'I can't wait to get home and play with my mom," he said, before comparing moms to dads, "You ain't never heard that. 'Can't wait for mommy and me time.' That don't exist. Don't no kids say that. All the fun responsibility lies on the shoulder of the father."

Some people called his jokes tone deaf and sexist. "The sheer acceptance of sexism in the opening monologue is saddening," one viewer wrote on Twitter. Another commented, "Does anyone else think Kevin Hart is nothing more an obnoxious, sexist, seriously unfunny (expletive)?" Another tweeted, "I just don't get Kevin Hart's style of comedy. Came across particularly tone deaf on #SNL monologue considering today's 'climate'."

One person blamed "SNL" for giving a pass to such monologue. "2017 has seen incredible progress for women. Kevin Hart's opening monologue belongs in 2016. Disappointed in @nbcsnl for a #sexist opening monologue #snl," so read the comment. Another similarly posted, "Women of SNL the hell did you allow that awful, sexist Kevin Hart monologue to happen??? REALLY???"

Other comments read, "Kevin Hart, do u know it's 2017?? This cold open would have been funny in 1950 #SNL," and, "@KevinHart4real this is the most sexist opener I've heard. It's 2017. Women work. Men drop children off at school. It's called a partnership. #SNL."

Hart and "SNL" have not responded to the backlash.

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