Girls' Generation's Taeyeon Recalls Christmas Memories in Music Video for 'This Christmas'

The wintry visuals finds the 'Why' songstress showcasing her sweet vocals as she sings about remembering the warmth and emotions of holiday season.

AceShowbiz - American musicians are not the only ones who are celebrating the holiday season by releasing Christmas track. The leader of Girls' Generation, Taeyeon, has released the music video for her Christmas ballad "This Christmas".

In the wintry visuals, viewers get to see Taeyeon looking back on past memories of herself and her father spending Christmas together. Sporting an elegant look in a stunning black gown, the "Make Me Love You" songstress showcases her sweet vocals as she sings about remembering the warmth and emotions of holiday season.

Loyal fans of Taeyeon soon gush over the nearly-five-minute video, remarking that they feel emotional after watching the clip. A fan notes that s/he has watched the clip several times, but "every time I see the scene with the falling scarf reflection I'm just getting my eyes all watery." Another fan simply comments, "Thank you Taengoo to save my Christmas."

"This Christmas" is the lead track off Taeyeon's first special Christmas album "This Christmas - Winter Is Coming", which was released on December 12. Soon after the release of the lead track, it quickly rules various domestic music charts such as Melon, Genie, Bugs and Soribada.

Celebrating the success of the track, the South Korean beauty took to Instagram to thank her fans for the continuous support. "I knew I was going to be especially more delighted to see positive results since I've worked with amazing people for this album..," she wrote. "And I was especially stoked by the fact that so many people downloaded my song online."

Adding the hashtags #ThisChristmas and #Taeyeon, she continued, "Thank you. But the album is pretty too.. I'm the type who buys the album than downloading. Thank you for the all-kill!!" Former Girls' Generation member Sooyoung commented on the post, "You're so cool, much congrats! Blown away by this latest album yet again." Taeyeon later deleted the Instagram post.

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