Christina Aguilera and Pink End 16-Year Feud With Secret Duet

The two divas, who clashed while recording 2001's smash hit 'Lady Marmalade', have buried the hatchet by recording the secret duet.

AceShowbiz - There's no more bad blood between Christina Aguilera and Pink. The longtime nemeses, who clashed while recording 2001's smash hit "Lady Marmalade", have ended their 16-year feud by working on a duet secretly.

In an interview with The Sun, Pink revealed that they recorded the secret duet two years ago. "We did a duet for her album and I don't know when it's coming out but it's amazing," she said, adding, "We did it two years ago so I don't remember the title, but she's incredible." According to the site, the duet could be released next year.

That's why Pink quickly hit back at Twitter users who claimed that she gave shady looks during Christina's musical tribute to Whitney Houston at the recent American Music Awards. "Christina f***ing killed it tonight for one of our favorite singers ever. This about Whitney, and I am in awe of Christina's talent. Show the clip where I'm in tears, you negative Nancy's," she responded to the speculations.

"Yes, it is really frustrating, but I fight back," she said about how media continued to play out their feud. "I do it less than I used to but I do when I think the narrative needs to be changed. It's bulls**t, I'm not gonna stand for it. But I'm used to it, to be honest. And this never happens to men, it's very specific to females."

During the interview, Pink also talked about her new music video for "Beautiful Trauma" starring Channing Tatum. She said it wasn't hard to persuade the "Logan Lucky" hunk to cross-dress in the clip. "He's nuts and a good sport and he laughs a lot," she gushed. "We had a really fun time. He loves getting in dresses. He was like, sure - straight away, and did everything we asked."

Of another music video for her Eminem collaboration which was scrapped at the last minute, she revealed, "We shot it and it was terrible. It's never coming out. It just didn't work and it was the wrong timing for it."

"I looked like hell, it was awful. Thank god Eminem wasn't in it. If he was in it I would have been mortified," she went on sharing. "We had Eminem lookalikes, 'Beautiful Trauma' is better."

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