Park Han Byul Secretly Got Married, Is Currently Pregnant

The 'Oh! My Lady' star announces on Instagram she is now married and is already four months pregnant, after completing the filming for 'Borg Mom'.

AceShowbiz - Park Han Byul just dropped a wedding and baby bombshell. The South Korean actress took to her Instagram account on Friday, November 24 to announce that she is now married and pregnant, a day after completing the filming for MBC's drama series "Borg Mom".

"Hello, this is Park Han Byul. We wrapped up filming for 'Borg Mom' yesterday~ It was really fun taking on such a unique role and I was grateful for the opportunity to play my character," she began her lengthy post.

She continued, "I've kept a secret from the other actors and staff members in order to avoid causing any inconvenience, but now that we've finished filming and the drama will be coming to an end soon, I can finally reveal it. I took on the role of a mother for the very first time (even though she was technically a robot), and fascinatingly enough, my character came to real life!"

"I am currently four months pregnant!" she revealed. "Borg Mom is really becoming a mom. I've already registered my marriage with the father of my baby, but we're hoping to hold a simple and quiet wedding next year with our close family."

"I was initially a bit worried about my pregnancy overlapping with the filming of the drama, but thankfully, my baby and I got through everything in a healthy state. Now that I've announced the news, I think the only things left for me now are being happy and receiving blessings from many people. I thank God everyday for giving me such a precious gift," she added.

"I've thought a lot about how to express my joyful promises, but I'll just say them without using any fancy words. I will live a good life by giving and receiving love. I'm sure many people are surprised by this sudden announcement, but I hope you will give us your blessings~"

"I've now become a mother and wife, but I will definitely be continuing my career as an actress! Please give me lots of support! Thank you," the 33-year-old actress concluded her post.

- 안녕하세요 박한별입니다 어제로써 모든 보그맘촬영이 마무리 되었어요~ 그동안 보그맘을 연기하면서 배우로서 쉽게 해보지못할 캐릭터라 너무 감사했고 너무 재밌었답니다^^ 이제 곧 방송도 끝나고 촬영도 모두 종료가 되었으니 그동안 촬영장에서 스텝,배우분들에게 불편을 줄까봐, 또 작품에 조금이라도 피해가 될까봐 꽁꽁 숨겨놨던 비밀을 발표할까해요 비록 인간이 아닌 로봇이었지만 ‘엄마’역할을 처음 해봤는데요, 신기하게도.. 캐릭터가 현실이 되었어요! - 현재 저는 곧 4개월이 다 되어가는 예비엄마! 보그맘이 진짜 맘이 되어가고있답니다...^^ 마음이 아주 멋지신 예비아빠와는 이미 혼인신고는 마친상태구요, 식은 우선은 간단한 가족행사로 대신하였는데 가능하다면 내년에 조용하게 예쁜모습을 남기고싶습니다~ - 초기에 촬영기간과 겹쳐서 살짝 걱정했었지만 다행히 아가와 저 모두 건강하고 씩씩하게 잘 보내왔고 이제 이렇게 공개도 했으니 많은분들께 더 축복받고 행복할일만 남은거같아요^^ 하느님께서 주신 소중한 선물에 하루하루가 너무 감사하고, 세상이 전부 달라보이는 신기한 경험들로 행복한 날들을 보내고있답니다 - 이 기쁜 다짐들을 어떻게 표현해야하나 정말 많이 고민했었는데.. 다른 멋진말로 포장하지않을께요 그냥.. 예쁘게 행복하게 열심히 사랑하고 사랑받으면서 잘살께요 ..^^ 갑작스런 발표에 놀라셨겠지만 많이 축복해주셨으면 좋겠습니다~ - 비록 누군가의 아내가 되고 엄마가되는, 인생이 통째로 뒤바뀌고있는 경험을 하고있지만 연기생활은 늘 똑같이 꾸준히 열심히 할것입니다! 따뜻한 응원과 축복 많이 해주세요 감사합니다♡

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh 박한별 🇰🇷 (@onestar_p) pada

According to her agency, Han Byul is married to a non-celebrity working in finance. The two had been friends for three years before they began dating earlier this year. The wedding and pregnancy news was shocking though, as she had never confirmed the dating report.

Han Byul was reported dating a non-celebrity in June. She was said spending time with her then-boyfriend overseas. At the time, the "My Fair Lady" star shared pictures taken during her vacation in Hanoi, Vietnam, which she reportedly visited with her boyfriend.

The actress, who made her acting debut in 2003's horror film "Wishing Stairs", previously dated K-pop singer SE7EN for 12 years until 2014. She later had a romantic relationship with her "One Well-Raised Daughter" co-star Jung Eun Woo, but split after seven months together. She was dating a businessman for a year before they broke up in April this year.

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