'Mission: Impossible 6' New Image Features Tense-Looking Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg

The director of 'MI6', Christopher McQuarrie, continues to tease the film's fans with another photo from his upcoming film on Instagram.

AceShowbiz - Instagam can be a really good platform to keep fans excited about a much-hyped film. That's what "Mission: Impossible 6" director Christopher McQuarrie keeps doing as he's helming the upcoming action film. On November 21, the director shared on Instagram a black-and-white image that featured Tom Cruise on the right and Simon Pegg out of the lens' focus on the left. Both actors were wearing suits and looking rather serious and tense.


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This is not the first time the director previews a scene from the film. Previously, McQuarrie shared images of his film's cast members such as Alec Baldwin and Henry Cavill. The images could be behind-the-scenes photographs or set photos. It is very telling that the director has a knack for photography, judging from his shots and Instagram feed.

The latest Instagram post could mean that Cruise was back to filming after the star broke his ankle in August. The fearless actor slammed himself into a wall while he was trying to leap over a gap between two buildings. The production was halted to let the actor recover, but it was postponed again because Cruise's ankle had not healed properly.

A source told The Sun, "Tom came back early but it has proven to be a mistake. The original plan had been for production to resume in December, and they wish they had done that now." The source continued, "Tom isn't back to his best yet and they don't want to rush filming until then, so nothing else will be done until next year. It's a big setback-lots of production work has been canceled."

However, McQuarrie told Empire that he would use Cruise's temporary absence to work on scenes which were already wrapped. "We've already shot a huge chunk of the movie, so you're just taking a big chunck of post-production and moving it up sooner," said the director. Therefore, McQuarrie's post could just be another spoiler from a previously shot scene.

"Mission: Impossible 6" also stars Rebecca Ferguson (II) and Michelle Monaghan. The film is scheduled to be released in U.S. cinemas on July 27, 2018 by Paramount Pictures.

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