Jaden Smith Rocks Gold Grills in Music Video for Track 'Icon'

In addition to the music video, 'The Pursuit of Happyness' actor has released his debut album entitled 'SYRE: A Beautiful Confusion'.

AceShowbiz - Jaden Smith has released the music video for track "Icon". It is the third clip that Jaden unveiled following "Watch Me" and "Batman". The dreary visuals sees the actor/rapper, who is rocking gold chains and grills, dancing on Hollywood hilltop while spitting lines about being on fashion magazine covers and starting his own record label.

"What you call an icon livin'?/ Start a record label, MSFTS just did it/ Nylon cover, five minutes, whoa," he raps. "All your verses sound like dirty dishes/ I'm about to clean 'em in the kitchen/ And we making money by the minute/ I'm about to do it way different."

In addition to the release of music video for "Icon", Jaden released his debut album entitled "SYRE: A Beautiful Confusion" on November 17. The album features 17 tracks including "Breakfast" featuring A$AP Rocky and "Falcon" featuring Raury.

It took three years for Jaden to finish the whole album, and the 19-year-old rapper admitted to Complex that he was nervous when the time to release it came. He was able to calm down when he realized that the album could become the talk of the town once it came out.

"It's a completely different experience getting ready for it to come out," Jaden said. "I am nervous. I am antsy about it. I know that once it goes out, it's gonna be out forever and that's a good thing, because I really want people to be able to connect with it, and look back on it and talk about it."

Jaden also revealed that he decided to make his middle name as the album title because he wanted people to learn the different side of him. "I realized that Syre was the answer, what I had to move forward with. People love to just talk about me by name and say, 'Oh, Jaden this, Jaden that.' It's time for a new awakening and a new consciousness," he continued. "Anybody who think they know me, this album is something completely different from what they think."

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