Jessica Chastain and Others Slam 'Justice League' Director for Skimpy Amazon Warrior Costumes

Some people suggest that director Zack Snyder may be a sexist for exposing the female characters in the upcoming DC movie.

AceShowbiz - Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman isn't the only character from Patty Jenkins' movie that will be featured in upcoming "Justice League". The Amazon warriors, at some point, will appear in the superhero team-up movie, but some people are less than thrilled about it.

In fact, the Amazon warriors' costumes in Zack Snyder's movie have caused internet uproar. They notice that the Amazon warriors' costumes in "Justice League" are more revealing than those in "Wonder Woman" and some suggest that it may be because a man is at the helm of the film.

Melissa Silverstein, the founder of Women and Hollywood, posted pictures of the Amazon warriors in Patty Jenkins' movie and those in Zack Snyder's to compare their costumes. "Here is a fantastic example of the difference between the male and female gaze. Patty Jenkins' Amazon warriors on the left. Zack Snyder's on the right," she wrote.

Actress Jessica Chastain has also weighed in on the costume issue. She tweeted, "Hey men, what would you wear to fight? Hint: dont expose your vital organs. Ugh I miss @PattyJenks."

When someone asked her opinion about male Spartan costumes which typically expose men's upper bodies, the "Miss Sloane" star replied, "...Im sorry, its also ridiculous. Not a fan."

Brooke Ence, one of the actresses portraying an Amazon warrior in both films, has addressed the backlash in an interview with USA Today. She claimed that not every woman wore a two-piece costume in "Justice League".

"The girls on set, we never thought of [the new costumes] as a sexy version. It felt a little more glamorous, if anything, because we had bigger, beautiful hair, which I loved," she said. "I'm an athlete first, right? [Usually,] I can't wear anything without someone commenting about my [muscular] body. So for me, it was actually really cool to be able to show it and not immediately feel masculine, but still very feminine."

One Twitter user posted different pictures from "Wonder Woman" and "Justice League" and pointed out that both films have at least two different versions, one is sexier and another is more covered-up, of the Amazon warriors' costumes.

The debate about the costumes aside, "Justice League" will be hitting U.S. theaters on November 17. Besides Gal Gadot, the movie brings back Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman. Their superhero characters will team up with Jason Momoa's Aquaman, Ezra Miller's The Flash and Ray Fisher's Cyborg.

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