Pink Regrets Taking Taylor Swift's Side in Katy Perry Feud

The 'What About Us' singer doesn't like pitting female stars against each other and explains why, 'Because I don't believe that.'

AceShowbiz - Pink was not Team Taylor Swift after all. The "Raise Your Glass" hitmaker backpedalled on her previous comments where she took Swift's side in the feud between the "Bad Blood" singer and "Bon Apetit" star Katy Perry.

"I'm not inclined toward drama and feuds and soundbites. But I almost got caught up in it," she told Los Angeles Times. "I should've just kept my mouth shut, because I don't believe that. I don't care. But I felt rushed and I didn't know what to do. And I paid for it, because then the next day: 'Pink is Team Taylor.' "

The Taylor Swift-Katy Perry comments were not the only thing that Pink clarified recently. On Twitter, she felt the need to explain herself after she got backlash following her tweet about President Donald Trump.

"I've seen people change and turn their lives around. There's still hope for you @POTUS. It's what the world needs," she wrote. She then added, "I did not vote for Trump. That tweet was not an endorsement. I'm as disgusted as you. To even imagine a person like me would endorse him is ridiculous and assinine."

"I'm a person that has always fought for equality and love. And I always will. He either needs to CHANGE or the rest of our government needs to protect us from him and his appalling behavior," she went on.

Pink additionally shared an old Instagram post from 2016 to prove that she's not a Trump supporter. She wrote back then, "To anyone reading this: if you think this is a time for misogynistic jokes, or for laughing about voting in a person that doesn't believe in climate change, or humanity. To any of you closet racists, homophobes, sexists..... please block me. Please unfollow me."

She continued, "We do not respect each other. You do not have my respect, and I obviously don't have yours. We are not friends. To everyone else, we shall overcome. Stay on the path of love and tolerance. Hug your kids. Teach them about diversity and about fighting for others, and sticking up for themselves. I will do my part."

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