Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Pictured Together Backstage on Theater Date

The Song Song couple watches a musical, 'Rebecca', to show support to singing vet and their close friend Ok Joo Hyun.

AceShowbiz - %cSong Joong Ki% and %cSong Hye Kyo% went to watch a musical on their most recent date. After traveling to Paris, the couple was spotted at musical "Rebecca" among the audience. She showed up at the play to show support to their close friend %cOk Joo Hyun%, who has been tapped as a singer at their upcoming wedding.

Singer Joo Hyun even shared on her Instagram account a photo of the lovebirds together with her. Posted on Thursday, October 12, the picture appeared to be taken backstage of the musical. Hye Kyo, who seemed to just cut her hair again, acted cute by pouting her lips, while Joong Ki smiled brightly to the camera.

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Joong Ki and Hye Kyo surprised everyone with their wedding announcement in July this year. The two are set to tie the knot on October 31 at Shilla Hotel. Last September, they reportedly had a secret wedding photo shoot in Los Angeles.

It was recently reported that the pair started dating before they met on the set of "Descendants of the Sun". "The two of them began falling in love last February, before 'Descendants of the Sun' began filming. The drama started filming mid-2015, and only aired after it was completely filmed," a friend of Joong Ki and Hye Kyo revealed. "Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo showed romantic interest in each other since that moment."

The source also dished on how the "Werewolf Boy" actor showed his interest in the "Full House" star. "Early last year Song Joong Ki surprised Song Hye Kyo while she was at a photoshoot with snacks. This was even before the show started airing so the staff on scene wondered why Song Joong Ki would randomly show up to her photoshoot. In hindsight, everyone realized that they had begun developing feelings for each other," the friend continued sharing.

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