Former EXO Member Luhan Confirms Relationship With Guan Xiaotong

The 'Excited' hitmaker reveals that he's dating Chinese actress Guan Xiaotong by giving a shoutout to her and posting her photo on his Weibo account.

AceShowbiz - %cLuhan% is no longer single, everyone! The former %cEXO% member has confirmed that he's currently in a relationship with 20-year-old Chinese actress %cGuan Xiaotong%, who is also known as Traey Miley. The confirmation came following speculation about their relationship.

Luhan posted on his Weibo account on Sunday, October 8, "Hello everyone. Let me introduce my girlfriend to you" and tagged his girlfriend's account. He also posted a photo of Guan Xiaotong. She responded to Luhan's post with a heart and "Aiya, so awesome!"

Guan Xiaotong is known for her roles in films "Nuan", "The Promise" and "The Left Ear" as well as on television series "To Be a Better Man". A well-loved star in China, she is dubbed the "Nation's Daughter". She currently stars opposite Luhan on upcoming drama "Sweet Combat", which is set to air on Hunan TV in 2018.

Earlier this year, Luhan was hit with rumor that he had a girlfriend and a child. Responding to the rumor, he hit back at Chinese reporter Zhuo Wei a.k.a. "China's Best Paparazzi" who first reported the false story.

"A certain someone talking nonsense," he said during an interview. "I'll admit that you're China's #1. You're China's #1. I'll admit this. You all should know who I'm talking about. I'm impressed. Super impressed."

The "Medals" hitmaker continued sharing how he felt when he heard the rumor for the first time. "At first I was really angry. I want to you know... find them... but there's nothing I can do. What else can they do? Right? I could only gift them my latest song, right?" he stated, before quoting his new song "Roleplay", " 'You're crazy boy'. If you keep talking nonsense, 'I'll lock your mouth.' "

His personal life aside, Luhan has been listed as one of the richest celebrities in China. The 27-year-old singer/actor ranked second with a whopping 108 million CNY ($16,229,201 US$) which he earned last year. His fellow former EXO member %cKris% also made it into the top 10, placing ninth with an annual profit of 103 million CNY ($15,477,850 US$).

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