Kylie Minogue Denies Photoshopping Her Butt in Sexy Calendar Photo

The Aussie singer is forced to defend herself after being accused of digitally editing an ad for her upcoming calendar.

AceShowbiz - Kylie Minogue has to defend herself after being accused of photoshopping her sexy calendar photo. Many of her online devotees on Instagram spotted what appeared to be a Photoshop fail in an ad for her official 2018 calender which she posted on Wednesday, October 4.

Taken at iconic Los Angeles hotel Chateau Marmont, the sexy photo featured Kylie showcasing her famously pert bottoms in a pair of high-waisted hot pants as she enjoyed a cup of coffee while admiring the view of picturesque Beverly Hills from a white stucco balcony.

But eagle-eyed followers were quick to spot an apparent bend in the white wall just above Kylie's bottoms which prompted them to speculate that the snap has been retouched, with one of them telling the 49-year-old songstress to fix the "awful photoshop."

"Kylie, the cover's awful photoshop shows :/ please fix that," the fan wrote in the comment section, while another wondered, "Why is the wall curved?" One other Instagram user pointed out, "wonky wall." Another told Kylie she looked "great and sexy," "but what is wrong with the chair and the wall behind you?" Another just hoped that "the whole Calendar isn't Photoshopped."

#Lovers, you can pre-order your 2018 #KylieCalendar now! ❤️📆 (link in bio)

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Responding to the photoshop accusations, Kylie posted a second photo from the calendar campaign hours later. "#lovers you have EAGLE [eye]s!! I'll ask the Chateau Marmont to straighten their walls but it's part of the charm!!" wrote the "Can't Get you Out of My Mind" singer, referring to the Marmont's distinctive architecture. "#wonkywalls However, thanks for being ON IT!" she added.

The photoshop accusations aside, Kylie is currently believed to be preparing work on her 14th studio album, which is scheduled to be released at the end of this year.

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