Video: Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford Have Giggle Fit in Most Hilarious Interview Ever

Gosling loses it during the interview that he feels the need to crack open a bottle of booze that he carries and pour himself a glass.

AceShowbiz - Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling had a giggle fit during an interview for British daytime talk show "This Morning". In a video of the interview, journalist Alison Hammond informed the stars that she brought special liquor glasses from the original "Blade Runner" because she wanted to please fans with her attention to detail.

"That’s so cool that you did that. Are you a fan of the original?" Gosling asked. "Never seen it," she bluntly answered, prompting the first storm of laughter. When she began talking about their movie "Blade Runner 2049", Ford told Hammond to "cheer up" and that's when they started making more jokes and couldn't stop cracking up.

Gosling lost it that he felt the need to crack open a mini bottle of booze that he carried and pour himself a glass to steady himself. "I feel like that's where this is headed," he explained. Hammond also poured herself a glass of booze after Ford jokingly responded, "So what?" when asked about his initial reaction when he was offered to return for the sequel.

He added, "Show me the money!" prompting more laughter, before he got a bit serious and said, "No, I said, 'Show me the script.' " Ford took a sip of booze from Gosling's glass before Hammond began asking Gosling.

But the jokes continued as Hammond talked about Gosling's sweater. At one point, Hammond told Ford, "You're my man, today," and jokingly told Gosling to get out of the way. Gosling walked off the set and asked the camera crew, "Do you guys need help with the cameras?"

When he returned, they talked about filming the stunts for the movie. Ford found it "extremely difficult" to film the stunts and Gosling recalled getting punched by Ford, "You know, they say, 'Don't meet your heroes.' I would say, 'Don't get punched by them.' "

They contemplated about Ford possibly starring in a sequel of Gosling's movies, such as "La La Land". When Ford said he couldn't dance and sing, Gosling said his co-star lied and they started harmonizing.

At the end of the interview, when Gosling was asked to add a bit about the movie, he asked, "Is there a mic I can drop?" He literally dropped a mic before walking off the set, and Ford and Hammond began laughing again.

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