Video: Noah Cyrus Releases Her XXXTENTACION Collab 'Again', Fans Are Losing It

The 17-year-old songstress has to face backlash after recruiting the rapper, who has sparked a number of controversies, on the new track.

AceShowbiz - In anticipation of the release of her debut album "NC-17", Noah Cyrus unleashes a new song titled "Again" along with its accompanying music video. The track is her duet with controversial rapper XXXTENTACION. The romantic, breezy track gets an equally soothing, yet bizarre visuals.

Rocking loose jeans, a bandeau and a huge jacket, the younger sister of Miley Cyrus takes a stroll at a graveyard in the video. She begs someone she loves to be more than her friend as she wails, "I wanna be your lover/ I don't wanna be your friend/ You don't know what you got 'till it's gone my dear/ So tell me that you love me again/ I wanna be your lover/ Baby, I'll hold my breath."

Even though Noah and X's voices blend quite well on "Again", fans are losing it over the collaboration. "I am officially unfollowing Noah Cyrus. Her new track features xxxtentacion and I will not support such a thing," a Twitter user snarks. Another quips, "Noah Cyrus has a song with XXXTentacion. This girl is about to kill her career before it even starts LMAO."

Another user tweets, "I was rooting for Noah Cyrus until I saw her next single features XXXTentacion and now she's officially over." Meanwhile, another remarks, "NOAH CYRUS HAS A SONG WITH XXX....NO CYRUS LEFT UNPROBLEMATIC...CAN MAJOR LABELS STOP TACITLY CONDONING ABUSERS."

Fans' reactions aren't without reason, though. X has been known as a problematic and controversial spitter. He has faced allegations of domestic abuse by strangulation, false imprisonment and aggravated battery of a pregnant woman. Most recently, he sparked outrage when he included a horrific scene that found a white boy being lynched in his music video for "Look at Me!".

"Again" serves as the follow-up to "Stay Together", which was released in April. Both songs are going to be featured on "NC-17". The singer previously said of her upcoming effort, "The one thing I'd like to get across about my album is how personal it is. In the beginning of last year, I was going through a breakup while writing. But now, I'm not heartbroken anymore--it was for the best and I think a blessing in disguise."

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