Lee Dong-wook Was Depressed After the End of 'Goblin'. Why?

The Grim Reaper depicter also reveals that he turned down offers for fantasy genres following his role on 'Goblin'.

AceShowbiz - With the huge success of "Goblin", Lee Dong-wook received lots of love from fans. But there's also the downside to such overwhelming attention. The actor reveals in a new interview with High Cut magazine that his confidence dropped after the end of "Goblin".

"I was getting a lot of attention and interest and love from the public and then it disappeared, so I feel like the withdrawal symptoms of 'Goblin' are coming now," the 35-year-old actor admits. "I started thinking a lot about what my next project will be, and I also thought a lot about how I should live at 37 (he is now 36 in Korean age) years of age as Lee Dong-wook in the future."

Dong-wook recently confessed to his fans that he started losing respect for himself. He explains why he decided to open up about his issue, "Honestly, the reason why I hesitate to tell my fans these things is that, regardless, fans want me to be safe and healthy. But I'm a human too, so I can't always be at the top of my game. It was refreshing for me to be able to tell people what I'd been storing in my heart all this time."

As for his future projects, the "Hotel King" star says he wants to stay away from fantasy genres. "I feel like if I act out similar images and characters, then I feel like I'm burying myself," he says. Reminiscing about how people thought he had played many wealthy characters after he just only did twice on "My Girl" (2005) and "Scent of a Woman" (2011), he shares, "If an image sticks to you after just two roles, then I feel I should be careful to avoid that."

Dong-wook adds, "Honestly, I received a lot of offers for fantasy genres, but after contemplating, I had to turn them down. Next time I'd like to play a character who's extremely realistic."

Dong-wook won Best Supporting Actor at the 5th Annual DramaFever Awards for his role on "Goblin". He embarked on an Asian tour following the success of the tvN series, which was written by Kim Eun Sook, who also wrote KBS' hit drama "Descendants of the Sun". Dong-wook hasn't announced his next project yet.

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