TVXQ Plans Grand Comeback, Announces Two New Singles

In anticipation of the release of TVXQ's first abum in nearly 2 years, the group's Yunho and Changmin are releasing solo singles this month.

AceShowbiz - After going on hiatus for two years due to mandatory military service, TVXQ has planned to make a grand comeback this year. SM Entertainment has announced that each member of the group will release a solo single this month in anticipation of the release of the group's comeback album.

U-Know Yunho will release "Drop" on September 25, while Max Changmin will follow it up with "In a Different Life" on September 28. This will be the second time the singers release solo tracks almost simultaneously. Back in 2015, Changmin's "Rise as One" and Yunho's "Champagne" were released in the same week. They were both featured on TVXQ's latest album "Rise as God".

To start promoting their upcoming comeback album, TVXQ held their first ever V Live broadcast on September 20. They talked about many things, including what they've been up to since being discharged from the military.

During the broadcast, the group also shared their thoughts on being considered as an "old group." Changmin said, "This year [in December] marks out 14th year since our debut. You might think of us an old group..." Yunho wittily chimed in, "No. We are a continuously progressing group!"

TVXQ has been one of the groups which has a huge impact on the K-Pop industry since their debut in 2003. Even after a tumultuous split that turned the group from a quintet into a duo, the act has remained popular, with some of their albums topping a number of music charts. As for the group's comeback effort, Yunho recently shared that he and Changmin wanted to be more experimental with their music.

"I think it has become more freer than before. We can do weighty, and also funky and funny music," the singer said. "During my breaks, I really was in touch with Changminnie a lot. It seems like we talked more while in the army than we have in 10 years." He added, "Seeing this, I feel that Changmin has matured, TVXQ has now become stronger. While respecting each other, like hatching from an egg, a new color is being put on for TVXQ."

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