IU Releases Dreamy Track 'Autumn Morning' to Celebrate 9th Debut Anniversary - Listen!

The 'Palette' hitmaker released a remake of Yang Hee Eun's classic hit at 7 in the morning to help her fans start their days 'in a good mood.'

AceShowbiz - K-Pop star IU wants to celebrate her ninth debut anniversary as a singer with her fans. At midnight of September 18, the songstress took to Instagram to share a photo that hinted at new music. "9 years since I've lived as IU. I'm happy I'm IU. UAEANA start your day in a good mood," she wrote in the caption. "Later today, open your present at 7 in the morning. UAEANA I round you a lot!!!!"

True to her words, IU made a surprise release in the following day. Her new song, titled "Autumn Morning", is a remix of 1991's hit by "the godmother of Korea's folksongs" Yang Hee Eun and guitarist Lee Byung Woo. The remake begins with IU showcasing her clear and smooth vocal without any background music.

With the beautiful arrangement of genius guitarist Jung Sung Ha, the track is definitely a perfect song to start the day. To top that off, musician Ha Rim provides cheerful whistles for the song's analog and pure sentiments.

As of why "Autumn Morning" was released at 7 A.M., IU's agency Fave Entertainment explained, "7 A.M. isn't a time that gets counted towards music chart rankings, so it's not usually a time when new songs are released. Regardless of the rankings, IU wanted to help her fans have a beautiful start to fall. It is a heartfelt present from IU."

"When I was young, I often listened to the album of the two [Yang Hee Eun and Lee Byung Woo] whom I admire for their musical talents, as I could feel the fresh charm," IU recently said of the song. " 'Autumn Morning' is my favorite from the album."

"Autumn Morning" is set to be featured on IU's new effort "Flower Bookmark 2", which will arrive on September 22. Earlier this month, the singer released a teaser for the sequel of her 2014 EP "Flower Bookmark". The clip finds her wearing a simple white dress while relaxing in a breezy field full of flowers.

Besides the surprise release of "Autumn Morning", IU will celebrate her debut anniversary with a fan meeting on September 24. The fan meeting will be held in two sessions at "a small theater," so she can interact with her fans in an intimate setting.

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