Carly Rae Jepsen Offers Us a Euphoric Look at Her Life in 'Cut to the Feeling' Video

The 'Call Me Maybe' hitmaker goofs around with some friends and crew members as she explores the filming set in the nearly four-minute clip.

AceShowbiz - Carly Rae Jepsen is back with a new video for her hit song "Cut to the Feeling". The insanely energetic and cheerful track gets a visuals with similar vibes, as the clip features a euphoric, behind-the-scenes look at the Canadian songstress' life.

The first half of the clip follows Carly gearing up to film the video. She shows off her cheerful and goofy personality as she wanders around the set, talks to some crew members and hangs out with friends. By the end of the video, Carly performs the song onstage inside a studio set, complete with a black-and-white filter and flashing strobe lights.

"Cut to the Feeling" serves as a soundtrack for French-Canadian animated film "Leap!". It was initially set to appear on Carly's 2016 album "E.MO.TION: Side B". She previously said of the track, "That was definitely from the era of 'E.MO.TION'. That was actually a contender for ['E.MO.TION: Side B'] and, originally, the first album. It was almost too cinematic and theatrical. I was like, 'If I had my way with it, this would be great for musical or movie!' "

"When ['Leap!'] came along, I met with people as I was doing the voiceover for [the character Odette] and they were showing me a couple of scenes," she added. "There was one in particular where they were like, 'We're looking for the right song for this, do you have anything?' I was like, 'Actually, this has been in my back pocket. I've been saving it for the B-Sides, but if this works for you guys, I'd be stoked to share it.' "

Carly is currently cooking up the follow-up to her last full-length album "E.MO.TION", which was released in 2015. "I am writing, I can tell you that. This is the favorite part of what I do and that's the creating a body of work," she recently shared. "So when I am in this stage it is like getting tunnel vision. Whenever I am offered something I ask myself if it takes away from the album. Part of the process is over-writing. Like for this next project I am already 75 songs deep."

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