New 'Gotham' Season 4 Promo Reveals Bruce's Early Batsuit

'There is a time for masks and there is a time for Bruce Wayne,' Alfred warns Bruce who is eager to slip into the vigilante suit.

AceShowbiz - FOX has released a new promo for "Gotham" season 4. Packed with new scenes that mostly highlight Bruce's gradual evolution from a teenage billionaire into the hero as we know it today, the video reveals what would be his first Batsuit.

"Gotham needs more people who are willing to fight for her," Bruce tells Alfred, who understandably worries about Bruce embarking on this vigilante journey. "There is a time for masks and there is a time for Bruce Wayne," Alfred warns him.

"It's dangerous. You are engaging villains," Alfred adds. Seemingly ignoring his butler/guardian, Bruce says, "I feel more alive than I've ever felt before," as he slips into the costume.

Meanwhile, Jim Gordon and Oswald Cobblepott/Penguin are arguing over who gets to officially hold the city together in the wake of the Scarecrow's rise. There are also glimpses of Selina in action, Riddler, Tabitha, Victor Zsasz and Ivy.

"Gotham" returns with its fourth season on a new time slot, Thursdays, at 8/7c starting September 21. In the first episode titled "Pax Penguina", Gordon fears Jonathan Crane (guest star Charlie Tahan, "Wayward Pines") is still alive and back in Gotham, when The Scarecrow's signature MO is used in a series of robberies. Meanwhile, Penguin's "licensing" of crime in the city backfires during the grand opening of his Iceberg Lounge.

The fourth season will feature "Teen Wolf" alum Crystal Reed as Sofia Falcone, the daughter of Carmine Falcone (John Doman). Dubbed a potential new love interest for Jim, she would unite with Jim to take down Oswald Cobblepott/Penguin.

Executive producer John Stephens told EW that Jim is going to go down a "dark path" in his way to achieve his goal. "We're going to see Jim make, in some ways, big steps toward I guess what you would call the commissionership," Stephens teased.

He added, "But also we're going to see Jim, in his quest to save the city, cross different ethical lines than he ever did before. It's going to bring him to an ethical nadir that we haven't seen him at, and it's going to be told through the context of a relationship that he has with Sofia Falcone, the daughter of Don Falcone, who's played by Crystal Reed this year. And that's going to be a really compelling and interesting relationship."

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