Report: 'Gotham' Season 5 to Arrive in March Next Year

The new report, coming from a fansite Gotham Hub, reveals the alleged premiere date ofd the final season of the DC Comics-related series.

AceShowbiz - "Gotham" is set to wrap up its story in the upcoming fifth and final season, and that's why fans are eager to wait and see how things are going to come to an end on the FOX series. Production of the series is currently underway, but a new report suggests when season 5 of "Gotham" will arrive.

The new report, coming from a fansite Gotham Hub, reveals that the final season of the DC series will premiere on March 15, 2019. "Wow, that's quite a bit to go," a fan said.

The fansite, however, adds in another tweet, "While we do believe this premiere date is (or was) real, it may have been updated since posting. Several Gotham cast/crew members have mentioned the show returning in January. The March 15th premiere date may have been changed by FOX."

So far, nothing has been confirmed. However, the date may at least gives fans a little idea of how long they are going to wait for the final season.

Season 5 is set to embrace Batman comic book storyline "No Man's Land". It will also combine elements of "Batman: Year One" and "Zero Year," offering a new take of the Caped Crusader's origin.

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