'America's Got Talent' Live Show 2 Recap: 2 Acts Have Technical Problem During Quarterfinals

'America's Got Talent' Live Show 2 Recap: 2 Acts Have Technical Problem During Quarterfinals

Tonight's episode saw 12 more acts delivering great performances before judges, but only 7 of them would move forward to semifinals, joining the first 7 semifinalists announced last week.
"America's Got Talent" season 12 continued its quarterfinals in Tuesday, August 22 episode. The night saw 12 more acts trying their best to deliver great performances before judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Melanie Brown a.k.a. Mel B and Heidi Klum, hoping for America's votes. Only 7 out of them would move forward to semifinals, joining the first 7 semifinalists announced last week.

After a recap of last week's winners was shown, Brobots & Mandroidz took the stage to perform their stunning dancing routine. While Howie admitted that they were good, he said that he wasn't wowed. Mel, however, disagreed, saying, "I need to find me a man who can move like that!"

Next to perform was Laverne Cox's Golden Buzzer winner Celine Tam. The 9-year-old singer showcased her huge voice while singing "When You Believe" by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Mel didn't seem to be impressed by Celine's performance as she thought that the song was "too big" for her. As opposed to Mel's comments, Simon praised Celine for not only her beautiful voice but also her ability to belt the song while standing on a floating rose on a huge stage.

Following Celine was Mirror Image. The 16-year-old twins started off with a rendition of Queen's "Somebody to Love". They quite struggled to hit the right pitch at the beginning, before later flaunting their dance moves. Simon buzzed them, saying that he didn't know what to make of the acts even though he liked them.

Johnny Manuel once again amazed the judges and audience. The 32-year-old, who had a recording contract when he was 14, opted for a risky choice for that night's performance as he belted out "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going", which he perfectly slayed. Simon was totally in love with Johnny's act, dubbing him "a diva" and declared that this was "his moment."

Dancing to "Lost Boys" by Ruth B, Merrick Hanna showed his incredible talent while dancing amongst illustrations of a mysterious land of robots and long roads. The 11-year-old captivated judges' hearts with Simon saying that Merrick was the "best act of the night." He added, "You're so creative, the originally, I think you are so talented."

Next was time for some magic with magician Eric Jones. With the help of Mel and Heidi, Eric performed several tricks with a card, poker chip and piece of glass. Simon liked his act, though he gave him advice on working on his showmanship, while Howie loved Eric's low key presentation.

Performing up next was The Masqueraders, a soulful trio who have known each other for over 60 years. The trio, donning black cowboy outfits, seneraded the crowd with their original song titled "Average Guy". Simon loved it and encouraged America to vote for them. Echoing Simon, Howie thought that they had a classic sound on them and added, "We just watched a dream come true."

Light Balance, who won Tyra Banks' Golden Buzzer, were about to deliver another neon-lit act before a technical problem prevented them to. "These are my guys. They're having technical difficulties. We're going to be watching their dress rehearsal," announced Tyra, promising it was just as good. The Ukrainian dance crew proved Tyra right as both Howie and Simon were completely amazed. All the judges wanted to see them again.

Surrounded by candlelight, Evie Claire sang a moving rendition of Birdy's "Wings". Accompanied by her excellent piano skills, the young singer nailed the song. Howie was left speechless, while Mel dubbed her "a singing angel."

Demian Aditya followed later, performing another yet death-defying act, this time it was called "The Death Drop". He was trapped in a suspended wooden box and handcuffed to metal rods outside the box. The Indonesian escape artist had to get out of the box before a blowtorch burned the rope that held his box up. However, he had a technical difficulty as once the rope broke, the box didn't fall straight down, but dropping at an angle instead.

There was some awkward moments before Demian popped up behind the judge panel. People, however, were left in confusion and Simon and Mel hit their Xs. Simon even compared the disastrous act to Mel's failed marriage, causing Mel to pour water on him and storm out.

The Pompeyo Family and their adorable puppies succeeded to clear up the tension as they danced to Katy Perry's "Roar". "The dogs just saved 'America’s Got Talent' tonight! That made me feel good," Simon said.

Rounding out that night's performances was Mandy Harvey. The deaf singer, who previously nabbed Simon's Golden Buzzer, performed with her Ukulele and sang an original song called "Mara's Song". Simon got emotional watching her performance. Mel gushed, "Your voice is just like an angel."

"America's Got Talent" will announce who the second 7 semifinalists are in Wednesday, August 23 episode at 8 P.M. on NBC.

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