Sonequa Martin-Green Is Determined to Win in New 'Star Trek: Discovery' Trailer

'We strive toward this dream of peace, where all species can share common ground,' says Burnham in a voiceover, before adding, 'Yet no dream will protect us… from you,' referring to T'Kuvma.

AceShowbiz - New trailer of CBS All Access' upcoming series "Star Trek: Discovery" has made its way out online. The one-minute long trailer is packed with never-before-seen footage of the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery, including scenes which feature First Officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Captain Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs).

"We strive toward this dream of peace, where all species can share common ground," says Burnham in a voiceover. She continues saying, "Yet no dream will protect us… from you," as Chris Obi's T'Kuvma the Klingon is glimpsed. The extraterrestrial humanoid warrior is seen sitting on his throne with flames featured behind him. "We have been waiting for someone worthy of our attention," says T'Kuvma.

The trailer features some explosive scenes, one of which sees Michelle Yeoh's Captain Philippa Georgiou being thrown away. Concluding the footage are Captain Lorca and Burnham. The two are seen walking down a corridor with Lorca saying, "You know what we need to do." Without any delay, Burnham firmly answers, "We need to win," to which Lorca responds, "That's the spirit."

The 15-part series will take place prior to the original "Star Trek" television series. Besides featuring all-new characters, Starfleet ships and adventures, the upcoming series will have the very first openly gay character in the franchise's 54-year television history. Portrayed by "Rent" actor Anthony Rapp, Lt. Stamets is an anastromycologist (a fungus expert) who has a crucial role in the story.

"I'm really excited and happy when a gay character is a part of a story-especially when a gay character is created in a complex and human and non-stereotypical, interesting way, and that has certainly been the case with Stamets," Rapp said previously. "Wilson Cruz will be playing my love interest, my partner. My man love-and we're both officers on the ship."

"Star Trek: Discovery" is set to debut through a special broadcast premiere on Sunday, September 24 at 8.30 P.M. on CBS, before moving to its home on CBS All Access.

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