Inside Chelsea Handler's Ultimate Betrayal of Ex-Pal Jennifer Aniston

'Chelsea has long been a fan of Brad's 'Plan B' production company and is talking with them about a few projects,' reveals a source.

AceShowbiz - When Chelsea Handler was still a friend of Jennifer Aniston, she often blasted Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. But now that she has ended her friendship with Jennifer, there is no reason for her to keep attacking them.

"Chelsea never hated Brad for what he did to Jennifer," a source tells Naughty Gossip. "She always blamed Angelina Jolie for the nasty split."

Her feud with Jennifer may even open a new opportunity for Chelsea to work with Brad through his "Plan B" production company. The source reveals, "Chelsea has long been a fan of Brad's 'Plan B' production company and is talking with them about a few projects. Don't be surprised if we see Brad and Chelsea having lunch together soon!"

The 42-year-old comedian was rumored to have been axed by Jennifer from her A-Lister's army, after the latter found out that Chelsea allegedly revealed secrets about Jennifer and Justin Theroux's marriage to Brad and talked behind her back. Upon learning that, Jennifer reportedly approached her gal-pals in a "it's me or her" type of way.

They reportedly chose the "Horrible Bosses" actress over Chelsea. So, when Chelsea sent out invitation for a huge Hollywood party she planned to throw, some of them ignored it. A few even bluntly declined to attend her party.

Chelsea, however, has found a new Jennifer, Jennifer Garner. She allegedly decided to move on from attacking Angelina and start going after the "Alias" alum's estranged husband Ben Affleck. Another report, meanwhile, claimed that Chelsea was determined to find her new pal a new man as Ben went public with his new girlfriend Linsday Shookus.

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