Shia LaBeouf Lashed Out at Bartender for Refusing to Serve Him French Fries: 'You F**king Racist'

'I'm asking you about french fries and you want to hit me in the head with a Grey Goose bottle!' the 'Transformers' star shouted, before adding, 'You f**king racist!'

AceShowbiz - Shia LaBeouf was kicked out of a bowling alley for fighting with a bartender back in April. On Tuesday, August 15, a never-before-seen video of the "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps" actor causing a ruckus after the bartender allegedly refused to serve him french fries made its way online.

In a video obtained by Radar Online, Shia could be seen confronting David Bernstein, the bartender, and the bowling alley's manager. The bartender was holding a Grey Goose vodka over his shoulder as the actor lashed out at him. "I'm asking you about french fries and you want to hit me with a Grey Goose bottle!" Shia exclaimed.

The manager tried to stop Shia from attacking the bartender, but the "Disturbia" star kept screaming, "You're going to hit me with a Grey Goose bottle? I'm asking you why you won't give me french fries." However, the bartender didn't seem to be worried as he simply said, "I swear to God, dude. I will. I don't give a f**k." Shia then turned to the manager and said, "You know your employee's about to hit me with a Grey Goose bottle [because of] french fries?" before adding, "You f**king racist! You f**ked up! Hey you f**ked up! Wake up, this motherf**ker is racist!"

David filed a $5 million lawsuit against Shia for defamation and assault. According to the court documents, Shia was "significantly under influence. He yelled at the plaintiff and appeared ready to physically confront him after plaintiff refused to serve him a drink because he appeared to be intoxicated." David said he was holding the Grey Goose bottle because he was "fearful of an imminent attack."

"The case that we have is back by facts and evidence," Bruce Warnick, David's lawyer, told the website. "We can prove everything we stated in our documents."

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