Katy Perry and Taylor Swift to 'Perform Alongside' Each Other at 2017 MTV VMAs

The 'Bon Appetit' singer and the 'Wildest Dreams' songstress are reportedly going to perform together at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards.

AceShowbiz - Will %cKaty Perry% and %cTaylor Swift% put their bad blood to rest for good at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards? Rumor has it, the "Bon Appetit" singer and the "Wildest Dreams" songstress are set to perform together at the annual awards event on August 27.

"[Katy]'s hosting this year's MTV Video Awards," BBC claimed in its August 14 article, "Where she's also expected to pick up a load of awards AND is rumored to be performing alongside Taylor Swift."

According to BBC, the duet between Katy and Taylor "would be a life-changing moment for pop fans all over the world."

While Katy is set to perform at the upcoming MTV VMAs, it's still unknown whether Taylor will attend the show.

Some fans laughed off the rumors. "Honestly if those two perform together," a fan wrote, "I'm calling b.s. on all the drama they had." Another one added, "If the rumors are true of Katy and Taylor performing together at the @vmas, then I'm going to cry because I've always wanted this."

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