Maggie Gylenhaal Turns From Prostitute to Porn Movie Director in 'The Deuce' Trailer

'I wanna learn how to make movies,' said Maggie's Candy, a Times Square prostitute, who is one of the pioneers who turns prostitutions to the now-legal sex industry in America.

AceShowbiz - HBO has released the first trailer for its upcoming series "The Deuce". Starring %cMaggie Gyllenhaal% and %cJames Franco%, the drama proves that the network has no plan to stop tackling phenomenal issues, including the moment when porn becomes a billion-dollar industry back in 1970s in New York.

The trailer opens with Maggie's character named Eileen "Candy" Merrell, a Times Square sex worker with an entrepreneurial spirit who is drawn into the emerging pornography industry. A group of prostitutes are later seen captured by cops as one of them says to the pimps, "If I was you, gentlemen, I would take any offer that moved your ladies off the pavement."

"Pure innovation," says Larry Brown (%cGbenga Akinnagbe%), an intense and demanding pimp, of the growing sex industry he's developing. He continues, "See, we could turn a dime into a dollar just like that." Meanwhile, somewhere in the trailer, Candy can be heard saying, "I wanna learn how to make movies. If they could sell that in Europe, it's not gonna be long before we can make it sell here." However, their effort to make porn legal will have to face an obstacle as Sandra (%cNatalie Paul%), a newspaper reporter, is determined to investigate the issue.

The trailer also gives a better insight into the life of twin brothers Vincent Martino and Frankie Martino, both played by James. Vincent is a hard-working bartender who runs a bar on the edge of Times Square. Meanwhile, his brother Frankie is a gambler who is in debt to a mob. The two later seen delving into the sex industry as they try to pay off the debt.

Hailing from "The Wire" creators David Simon and George Pelenacos, "The Deuce" follows the legalization and ensuing rise of the porn industry in New York beginning in the 1970s. Themes explored include the rise of HIV, the violence of the drug epidemic and the resulting real estate booms and busts that coincided with the change.

The cast also includes %cEmily Meade%, %cAnwar Glover%, %cGary Carr% and %cLawrence Gilliard Jr.% Canadian TV director and producer Michelle MacLaren directs the pilot and finale, while James directs two episodes titled "The Principle Is All" and "Au Reservior". David, George, Richard Price, Megan Abbott and Lisa Lutz pen the script.

James executive produces "The Deuce" alongside George, David, Michelle and Nina K. Noble. Meanwhile, Marc Henry Johnson and Maggie are credited as producers. The eight-episode series is set to premiere on September 10 at 9 P.M. on HBO.

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