Lee Jong Suk Gets Slammed for Postponing Military Enlistment

The 'I Hear Your Voice' star was initially ordered to enlist to the military on August 10, but he decided to postpone it because he still has to film a movie and a drama.

AceShowbiz - %cLee Jong Suk% still wants to continue his activities as an actor. The "Pinocchio" actor announces that he will be postponing his military enlistment, and fans aren't happy with his decision because enlistment is an important duty for Korean men.

YG Entertainment explains that Jong Suk still has to film his movie and drama. "Although Lee Jong Suk was recently called to enlist for the country, he's already signed on as the lead of a movie and drama. He doesn't think of his responsibility lightly, so it's been decided that his enlistment will be delayed," the agency says in a statement.

Jong Suk then personally apologizes to fans for postponing his enlistment. "I feel apologetic as I'm enlisting later than my peers, and I understand that it's something that I must do as a Korean man," he states. "I will faithfully fulfill my duty to defend the country. When my enlistment time comes, I'll be sure to tell my fans."

The "No Breathing" actor has made it clear that he will serve the country after finishing his projects, but fans think that he wants to avoid enlistment. "He's scheming to get out of his public service... keep an eye on him," a fan comments on an article on Nate.

Another compares him to %cJoo Won% who's currently serving in the military. "Joo Won enlisted straight after finishing his drama... what makes you think you're some top star who can make all these excuses?" the fan writes.

Meanwhile, Jong Suk's upcoming drama "While You Were Sleeping" is set to air starting September. The drama also stars %cSuzy% and %cLee Sang Yeob%.

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