Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Gush Over Each Other in Sweet Letters

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Gush Over Each Other in Sweet Letters

The powerhouse couple revealed how they fell for each other and wished that fans would continue supporting them even after their marriage.
Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo seem to be the happiest couple in the world. The pair wrote fans sweet letters hours after it was announced that they would be getting married on October 31 after almost two years of dating.

"I was recently able to be part of a drama that made me shine brighter than ever before and I enjoyed the happiest days of my life because of your tremendous love I received from everyone," Joong Ki began. "After the drama, I gained another precious friend whom I shared my honest feelings with, and we developed a loving relationship."

"In early 2016, we promised to spend the rest of our lives together by understanding each others' weaknesses and helping each other through harsh times," he continued. "So I will be starting a new life with Miss Song Hye Kyo through our wedding on the last day of October 2017." The "Nice Guy" actor then asked fans to keep supporting them. "I will work harder to become someone who learn from others. Please keep supporting us and our wedding. Thank you," he concluded.

Hye Kyo also expressed her feelings regarding their relationship in a letter. "Joong Ki and I were first co-workers who matched each other well. While filming ['Descendants of the Sun'], I realized that we had similar values and ideas, and I was able to share everything with him. He was such a good co-worker and friend to me, so we contacted frequently and spent time to get to know each other better."

The "Worlds Within" actress revealed why she decided to marry her boyfriend. "Joong Ki showed me his self, trust, and his manners for a long time. I thought to myself that it would be good to spend the rest of my life with him and I was glad that he could feel my true emotions as well. That’s when I knew that he was the one," she continued, before concluding, "I am no longer one person but two people now, I will take this opportunity to live better. Please give me your blessings."

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