Kim Kardashian Slams Cellulite Photos From Her Mexico Trip: 'I Was Photoshopped'

Kim admits she was not in the 'best shape' but insists the candid photos were digitally altered to make her look 'way worse.'

AceShowbiz - Kim Kardashian slammed the unflattering pictures taken by paparazzi during her recent vacation in Mexico. The mother of two only wore a black thong and a T-shirt in the photos, showing cellulite on her derriere and thighs. She admitted that she was not in the "best shape" but insisted the pics were digitally doctored to make her look "way worse."

"I saw these awful photos of myself when I was on a trip in Mexico and people were Photoshopping them and sharpening them," the mother of two said during a visit to "The View". "I definitely was not in my best shape. I hadn't worked out in about 12 weeks. I'd had two surgeries on my uterus. We documented that on the show."

She was not happy with the photos but it helped motivate her to get back to the gym. "I was already not feeling like myself and when people were like sharpening them and making them look way worse and then those were going around, I was like 'Ok, I'm going to get it together' and I started working out with this bodybuilder girl," she said.

"I definitely think that you have to do the work. I get up every morning between 5:30 and 6; workout before my kids get up. I've been working out for an hour and a half," she added. She also went on a diet, "I was eating less thinking like, 'Okay. I'm just not gonna eat this,' But I was eating absolutely no carbs or trying to and that's really hard for me."

Kim who often used flattering filters on social media claimed her hard work started to pay off. "I see already, in just a few weeks, my body tightening up. I've literally just shrunk and come into place and I'm excited. We're doing these intense workouts and I love working out. That's a big stress reliever," she said.

"I have thick skin and this isn't for everyone. I can see why people get hurt and are bothered by it. I do break down at times," she opened up. "I'm just like it's not okay for people to say these awful things. For people to have all this keyboard courage to say the craziest things about you is okay and it's not okay."

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