'Bachelor in Paradise' Co-Star Basically Blames Corinne as Ex-GF Defends DeMario Amid Scandal

Jasmine Goode says Corinne Olympios 'forced herself on three male cast members' in addition to engaging with DeMario Jackson the day the alleged misconduct took place.
While Corinne Olympios claims she's a victim in "Bachelor in Paradise" scandal, her co-star Jasmine Goode continues to depict her as a villain. Jasmine says that Corinne not only engaged in sexual acts with DeMario Jackson, but also "forced herself on three male cast members" on the day the alleged misconduct took place.

"The day of the incident under investigation, Corinne did not display any change in behavior from what was observed by the cast on her season of 'The Bachelor'," Jasmine says in a statement to E! News. "Corinne forced herself on three male cast members, when they were unable to consent, in addition to engaging with DeMario."

Jasmine, who was reportedly close with Corinne before the production was shut down, adds, "After the incident everything seemed fine. There was no mention about being hurt. However, when producers tried to cut her off from drinking, she got upset and said, 'Watch, watch what I'm gonna do.' "

"The cast is not encouraged or forced to engage in any behaviors or to drink alcohol," she continues. "Producers check in to make sure the cast is comfortable and accommodate to the needs requested."

But a source disputes Jasmine's statement. The source claims Corinne "may have been flirty but did not force herself sexually on anyone." The source goes on noting, "Jasmine and Corinne were friends. Jasmine, who was also drinking that night, knew how drunk Corinne was and tried to help Corinne down the stairs. Corinne fell and busted her knee open in front of Jasmine. The next day, Jasmine came in to check on Corinne and was telling her how intoxicated she was the night before and joked about how she scratched her elbow when she was trying to help her."

"Corinne and Jasmine's friendship was fine until Jasmine found out production was suspended," the source additionally reveals. "Jasmine wasn't present when the DeMario incident happened. She was doing her own thing with men down on the beach. She hooked up with three guys that night."

Corinne's attorney Marty Singer insists his client told the truth, though she claims she was too drunk to remember what happened that night. "Several cast members and producers have come forward confirming the facts disclosed by my client," Marty says.

"If nothing improper occurred on the set of 'Bachelor in Paradise', why was the production shut down within two days of production?" he argues. "Shutting down production of a television series is almost unheard of. The investigation and subsequent shutting down of the series was initiated based on complaints made by producers on the set of 'Bachelor in Paradise'."

Meanwhile, DeMario's ex-girlfriend Alexis Thexton, who confronted DeMario in the current season of "The Bachelorette", has come to his defense. Though she was upset that DeMario suddenly stopped contacting her before she saw him on TV, she thinks that he's "not the type of person to ever do something like that and take advantage of somebody who was not conscious or not in a state to give their consent."

"He loves attention. He's very charming. Very charismatic. He loves people. He's always partying. ... But he's not an evil-spirited person," Alexis tells PEOPLE. She adds, "I don't think he's good person but, like I said, I don't think he would do something this horrific and I don't think he deserves to have his life ruined by these claims."

DeMario's lawyer Walter Mosley claims that the accusation has "caused a lot of trauma - both physical and emotional injury" on his client. "It's been difficult for DeMario and his family. He's a celebrity for all the wrong reasons," he says in an interview with Variety.

Walter says currently "there's no criminal investigation and we don't fear any criminal investigation." He declines to says when asked if he considers taking legal action against the studio, network or Corinne.

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