Watch This 'Beauty and the Beast' Deleted Musical Scene

A featurette from 'Beauty and the Beast' Blu-ray has arrived online, showing the original version of a number titled 'Days in the Sun'.

AceShowbiz - A featurette from the upcoming Blu-ray for "Beauty and the Beast (2017)" has arrived online, offering a look at a deleted musical scene from the movie. Due to several reasons, the original version of a song titled "Days in the Sun" is not shown in theaters and replaced with the revised version instead.

The theatrical version of the song is featured in the scene where Belle (%cEmma Watson%) and the inhabitants of the enchanted castle reminisce about their past. However, the original version is slightly different with what was shown in theaters. While the theatrical version of "Days in the Sun" sees the young prince singing next to his terminally-illed mother (played by %cHarriet Jones%), the original one sees the prince on the bed and his mother singing for him instead.

Director Bill Condon explains that the reason for the switch is because viewers may mistake Beast's (%cDan Stevens%) mother for the enchantress who curses him, as the two actresses are very much alike. "When we previewed the movie, there were people in the audience who got confused," says Condon in the featurette. "They thought Harriet [Jones] was actually %cHattie Morahan%, who plays Agatha the enchantress."

He later adds, "The actresses actually look very much alike, so sadly, when we did it again, even though it is once again Harriet, we had to put her in bed and with dark hair. Say it meant we had to recast the boy because in the new version it was now a singing part, and we needed someone with a trained voice."

"Beauty and the Beast" is currently screening at U.S. theaters. The DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD will be released on June 6.

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