Beyonce Is 'Little Terrified' for Twins' Arrival, but 'Super Excited' to Be 'Hands-On Mom'

Beyonce Is 'Little Terrified' for Twins' Arrival, but 'Super Excited' to Be 'Hands-On Mom'

Despite knowing that twins are going to be exhausting, the 35-year-old songstress reportedly wants to be a 'hands-on mom' because she knows that she's a 'high energy person.'
Beyonce Knowles definitely can't wait for her twins' arrival. While she may be ready to face any difficulty when giving birth, the Grammy-winning singer, who announced her pregnancy earlier this year, is reportedly "super nervous" about taking care of two newborns at the same time.

"Beyonce is super excited and more than a little terrified for the twins' arrival," a source close to the singer reveals to She reportedly wants to be a "hands-on mom" despite having a large staff. "She knows that twins are going to be exhausting!" the insider continues. "But, she's always been a high energy person, and isn't somebody who needs a ton of sleep, so she's banking on that standing in her favor."

While Beyonce and husband Jay-Z keep silent on the due date, multiple sources report that the singer is expected to give birth next month. She allegedly has a plan to keep their body in shape after the babies are born. "Beyonce hasn't made any kind of set-in-stone baby weight loss plan," a source tells the webloid. "She's planning to do the same kind of thing she did after she had Blue."

Beyonce is said planning on giving birth naturally, though her husband is reportedly pushing hard for a C-section because he can't "bear to see her suffering any level of pain." The Tidal founder apparently agrees with his wife as he is "going along with Bey's wishes and not rocking the boat, but he's made it clear to her that if any serious complications arise then she really has to go down the C-section route."

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