Money Is No Big Deal in Tyga's Music Video for '100s' Ft. Chief Keef and A.E.

The 27-year-old rapper tosses money around and rides fancy cars with the two fellow rappers in the video to slam haters who have been calling him a gold digger.

AceShowbiz - For Tyga, money is not an issue. He clearly shows it in a new music video for his track "100s". Along with Chief Keef and A.E, the on-/off-boyfriend of Kylie Jenner shows off his wealth by tossing hundred dollar bills without care. The nearly-four-minute clip looks like a typical hip-hop video with lavish cars and scantily-clad women.

The slow banger is reportedly to blast T-Raww's haters who have been calling him a gold digger when he was romancing Kylie. That is probably the reason why he brags about his money in the track. "Money in the sack, money in the sky, money in the ceilings/ Counting hunnid, hunnid, hunnid, hunnids/ We don't need to muhf**kin' money machine, we like to touch it, touch it, touch it, touch it/ In the club, throwing racks and I got swag busting out the bag," Chief Keef and Tyga raps.

Earlier this week, Tyga was spotted filming the music video in Malibu. Donning a blue mechanic uniform and ski goggles, the 27-year-old rapper was having fun with sexy models on set. He didn't look like a broken-hearted man as he filmed the video amid his relationship drama with Kylie. Although there's still no confirmation whether they really have broken up, a source recently claimed that they are only on a break with each other.

"100s" is one of Tyga's latest two tracks which were released on April 3. The other track is titled "Act Ghetto". Similar to "100s", "Act Ghetto" is aimed at his haters as it is about how successful he is compared to the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister.

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