Watch Danny Brown's Graphic Video for 'Ain't It Funny', Directed by Jonah Hill

Inspired by '80s sitcom, the video shows a graphic visual of blood and dark satire, and features Danny as a drug-addicted uncle.

AceShowbiz - Danny Brown teamed up with actor and comedian Jonah Hill in a music video for his song, "Ain't It Funny." It is a track off Danny's latest album, "Atrocity Exhibition". Jonah perfectly depicts the cliche eighties sitcom as Danny, the main character, goes insane because of his addiction to drug and alcohol.

The video also features renowned director Gus Van Sant as Dad, actress Joanna Kerns as Mom, Instagram star Lauren Avery as Daughter and an unknown typical brat as This F**king Kid, while the Detroit rapper himself plays Uncle Danny in the dysfunctional family.

The video focuses on Uncle Danny's madness as he struggles with his drug problems. The clip perfectly captures his madness as it shows scenes in which he pees on family pictures and raps while Joanna and Lauren lay bloodily beside him. In the final scene, giant medicine bottle and prescription pill literally stab Uncle Danny to death while the studio audiences laugh and applaud at the gory scene.

"Staring in the devil face/ But ya can't stop laughing/ It's a living nightmare/ That most of us might share/ Inherited in our blood/ It's why we stuck in the mud/ Can't quit the drug use/ Or the alcohol abuse/ Even if I wanted to/ Tell you what I'm gonna do/ I'ma wash away my problems/ With this bottle of Henny/ Anxiety got the best of me/ So popping them Xannies/ Might need rehab/ But to me that s**t p***y/ Pray forme y'all/ Cause I don't know what coming to me," Danny raps in "Ain't It Funny".

The director, Jonah Hill, is a noted rap fan. Prior to this, he rapped "Jumpman" with Future on "Saturday Night Live". He has also played "Connect 4" with Kanye West and covered Drake's "Marvins Room". The Oscar-nominated actor reportedly will also make his directorial cinema debut for upcoming film "Mid '90s".

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