William Shatner Says Nick Viall 'Needs to Go' From 'DWTS', the 'Bachelor' Star Reacts

The 'Star Trek' actor urges 'Dancing with the Stars' fans not to vote for Nick Viall because 'leopards don't change their spots.'

AceShowbiz - William Shatner loathes Nick Viall. The "Star Trek" actor is campaigning on Twitter to get "The Bachelor" star kicked off "Dancing with the Stars". He urges viewers not to vote for the reality TV star who is paired with Peta Murgatroyd.

"My goal for #DWTS is to knock Bachelor Nick out ASAP. Who is with me?" the actor tweeted. "Whoever your favorite is - just not Nick- make the 10 phone calls for them. Anyone but the vile one," He added, "How do we get #BachelorNation to not vote for Nick? He needs to go next week."

"Keep voting #DWTS Don't vote 4 Nick #BachelorNation. He lives up to the homonym of his last name," Shatner wrote. "Watch Andi's Bachelorette Season where he started this Viall journey. Leopards don't change their spots. Don't be surprised if he shows up again on paradise. I won't be."

"So let me get this straight, saying vote for anyone but Nick is bullying but saying vote for [blank space] is OK? Sorry my tweeter but you're wrong," continued the actor who is turning 86 years old. "BTW as an early birthday present #dontvoteNick. Yes, I'm awful-ly determined!"

Viall responded to Shatner's rant with a sad-face emoji while Murgatroyd posted crying-face emojis. She added, "I see you @williamshatner." He replied, "Peta, you know I love you. Congratulations on becoming a mommy. Just can't cheer you on this season. Love to Maks & Shia."

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