Kanye West Denies Producing Anti-Trump Track 'Propaganda' Despite Claims

The 'Famous' spitter is being used by a rookie rapper King Myers to promote his Donald Trump diss track, 'Propaganda'.

AceShowbiz - Recently, a rookie rapper called %cKing Myers% dropped a %cDonald Trump% diss track titled "Propaganda". King, who was believed to be signed under Kanye's label G.O.O.D. Music, claimed that the track was produced by %cKanye West% and even used the "Famous" rapper Twitter avatar as the track's cover art. But a source close to Kanye quickly denied Yeezy's involvement in the track.

The source said that Kanye "had nothing to do with the track" and "his lawyers [are] on the job." The lawyers are reportedly planning to file a lawsuit to remove Kanye's name and artwork from the song. It was later revealed that King was not even signed to G.O.O.D. Music. The label's president, rapper %cPusha T%, even took to Twitter to slam the rookie rapper by responding, "I don't know who you are bro, stop it."

Previously, King posted a series of tweets explaining the backstory of his "collaboration" with Kanye. "A few weeks ago I told @KanyeWest he needed to be the 1 to take a stand against @realDonaldTrump. None of this is coincidental," he wrote in his first tweet.

He later wrote another one, "Yall gotta understand how difficult it was for @KanyeWest to publicly show support for @realDonaldTrump & then TAKE IT BACK. He needed help!" He wrote in the last tweet, "Me & @KanyeWest both decided that since impeachment is possible, why not call for impeachment at a time when it's needed the most? @potus."

The news of Kanye producing King's anti-Trump track came after he deleted all of his Trump-related tweets. Although Kanye was known as an avid supporter of Trump and even had a meeting with the new POTUS last December, he reportedly changed his mind after the President released the controversial Immigration Policy.

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