Melissa McCarthy's Impersonation of Angry Sean Spicer on 'SNL' Is Spot On

The 'Ghostbusters' actress gives Alec Baldwin a run for his money as she is scolding and fighting with the reporters as an angry Sean Spicer.

AceShowbiz - Melissa McCarthy stole the show on "Saturday Night Live". She impersonated Donald Trump administration press secretary Sean Spicer, overshadowing Alec Baldwin who returned as the President and Kristen Stewart who made her "SNL" debut as a host.

"Settle down, SETTLE DOWN!" McCarthy immediately scolded the reporters. "Before we begin, I know that myself and the press have gotten off to a rocky start. And when I say rocky, I mean Rocky the movie because I came out here to punch you. In the face. And also I don't talk so good."

"I'd like to begin today by apologizing on behalf of you to me for how you have treated me these last two weeks, and that apology is not accepted!" she said before giving a recap of Trump's Supreme Court judge announcement, "When he entered the room, the crowd greeted him with a standing ovation which lasted a full 15 minutes, and you can check the tape on that. Everyone was smiling, everyone was happy, the men all had erections, and every single one of the women were ovulating left and right. And no one was sad, those are the facts forever."

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