'Lego Batman Movie' Gives an MTV's 'Cribs'-Style Tour of Wayne Manor in Hilarious Video

Batman takes you on a sick tour of 'the most tasteful mansion' in all of Gotham city, Wayne Manor, where you can have dolphins for pets.

AceShowbiz - "The Lego Batman Movie" is back with another hilarious spoof. The marketing team of the movie now takes on MTV's "Cribs" in a parody called "Gotham Cribs". The titular hero takes us on a "sick tour" of his personal residence, Wayne Manor, before we get to enjoy the movie next week.

The clip opens with typical MTV's "Cribs" opening as Batman introduces Wayne Manor as "the most tasteful and insanely extravagant mansion in all of Gotham city." The Dark Knight, who is voiced by Will Arnett, says in the beginning of the video, "And for those of you wondering, yes, the rumors are true: I am Bruce Wayne...'s roommate." However, he keeps switching back and forth between Batman and Bruce Wayne throughout the video.

He first shows us the kitchen before moving on to the pool. The Caped Crusader then brags about his enormous pool as he says, "Majestic, right? And yes, those are actual dolphins. Wow, can you believe this? I mean, what kind of guy who has dolphins for pets. Someone who is crazy wealthy, stupid good looking, but is also just a down-to-earth rad dude."

Later he takes his bedroom public. While hanging down from the ceiling, the hero says, "I never sleep. Because I'm too busy finding criminals and saving Gotham city 24/7." Finally, he reveals his secret room which he believes that every good looking mysterious billionaire bachelor has one. He is not planning to show the details of the "super secret man-cave" until Robin (Michael Cera) and his butler Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) accidentally open the door and reveal the Batcave to the camera. He epicly ends his "Gotham Cribs" by throwing his mic, which emerges out of nowhere, as he says, "Batman out." It obviously pays homage to the famous "Obama out" line.

"The Lego Batman Movie" is slated to be released on February 10 in U.S. theaters.

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