'How to Get Away With Murder' Stars on Who Killed Wes in Season 3

Liza Weil, Aja Naomi King and other stars share their theories about who's the one who may be responsible for Wes' death.

AceShowbiz - "How to Get Away with Murder" fans recently discovered that one major character has died in the midseason finale. But the mystery about how it happened and who's behind his death remains unclear.

Wes (Alfred Enoch) died after Annalise's house went up in flames. He was found dead with half his face burned off. However, Nate (Billy Brown) revealed that Wes had already died before the fire. But how come? Who did it? No one knows just yet.

Some of the cast members then come up with their theories about who's responsible for Wes' death. "For a moment there, I thought it was maybe Frank (Charlie Weber), but then that's just way too cruel," Aja Naomi King tells Entertainment Weekly. "At this point, Annalise (Viola Davis) just has so many enemies, it could be any number of people," she says.

Weber shares, "I think it's an outside party. This is retribution toward Annalise for all the things that we've done, which Frank is certainly responsible for, in a lot of ways."

Enoch, meanwhile, believes that the Mahoney family is to blame. They probably did it as a perceived revenge for Wes' wrongfully accusing Charles (Wilson Bethel) of murdering Wallace (Adam Arkin), when it was actually Frank who committed the crime.

Karla Souza concurs, "I think it's the Mahoneys. They have the money and the means to contract someone to do such a barbaric thing and they're not emotionally tied to it at all." She adds, "I think it's ludicrous to think that it would be Annalise or Nate. I don't think it's a sinister as that."

"There's going to be an ongoing exploration of the Mahoneys," Liza Weil teases. "I think that might come into play. It certainly makes me, as Liza, feel better to think that this was not done at one of our hands."

Meanwhile, Matt McGorry suspects that Annalise may have played a role since she called everyone to her home right before the fire started. "I'm not a big theorizer, but if I just had to go off my first initial superficial response, I'd say probably Annalise," McGorry says. "But that's just because I think that she ends up being sort of responsible for everything in some way," he adds.

Series creator Peter Nowalk has previously teased that Annalise certainly could've played a role. However, Annalise herself (Davis) has no clue about it, as she says, "I can't guess what Pete has in store." She explains, "Sometimes I feel like there's little bread crumb and I feel like I'm doing pretty good and then other things are introduced and it confuses the hell out of me, so that's one of them that I can't guess."

King then comes up with new theory, saying, "Maybe Wes killed himself because he couldn't bear to deal with it all anymore." Jack Falahee chimes in, "Wes just offs himself and blows up the house all at once." He adds, "Or even that he tried to fake his own death. If he weren't really dead, he'd try to Huck Finn-it and go to his own funeral."

Fans will find out what happened to Wes when the second half of "How to Get Away with Murder" season 3 returns on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 10 P.M. ET on ABC.

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