'HTGAWM' Recap: Brutal Murder at the Wedding, Bombshell Identity Revelation

Coliver and Connor's wedding starts sweet with each family delivering heartfelt speech, until things get bloody as one character met its demise.

AceShowbiz - "How to Get Away With Murder" aired its season 5 winter finale on Thursday, November 15. The episode featured the long-awaited wedding of Oliver and Connor. It started sweet with each family delivering heartfelt speech, until things got bloody as one character met its demise.

[SPOILER ALERT!] Prior to the wedding, Miller is trash-talking about Annalise to Bonnie. That's suprising because by now, everyone must have known not to mess with Bonnie when it comes to Annalise. Following the fight, Bonnie went to the wedding solo, but that didn't stop Miller from planning to propose to Bonnie at the ceremony.

Bonnie, however, asked Miller to go home after she learned that he was the one responsible for the death of Nate's dad. Miller denied the claims, though. He tried to get back to the wedding reception, only to encounter Nate who later cornered him.

Miller kept denying the accussation of him killing Nate's dad though Nate wasn't having any of it. He mercilessly threw punches at Miller over and over. Later, Bonnie found them. Nate showed her the evidence he had against Miller, prompting her to proceed finishing Miller off by suffocated him to death. Nate and Bonnie then worked together in covering up the bloody snow before dumping Miller's dead body in his trunk. They did it perfectly that no one noticed the brutal murder that just happened while Connor serenaded Oliver.

However, Miller's brutal death was not the only shocking about the episode. In the episode, fans finally discovered Gabriel Maddox's real identity. It was revealed that Gabriel is a son of Samuel Keating as his mother Vivian is Sam's first wife. It was Sam's first marriage that Annalise broke up.

Fans were totally sent into frenzy over the double bombshells in tonight's episode. "The baby when Bonnie started to choke Miller to death #HTGAWM," a fan said alongside a GIF of shocked baby. "Imma need y'all too stop saying Nate killed Miller , he just beat the hell outta him . BONNIE killed her man by suffocating him OKAY get your facts straight #HTGAWM," one fan begged a differ.

The new revelation about Gabriel also resulted to another slew of questions as a fan tweeted, "Sooooo why was Gabriel adopted? Where is his mother and why didn't Sam take him?? #HTGAWM⁠."

"How to Get Away With Murder" season 5 is set to return in January next year on ABC.

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