Blac Chyna's Mom Responds to Rob Calling Her 'Loose Cannon' in Expletive-Filled Rant

Tokyo Toni blasted her future son-in-law and his entire family in the lengthy message which she posted, and later deleted, in response to his statement in a 'Rob and Chyna' sneak-peek.

AceShowbiz - Blac Chyna's mom went after her future son-in-law Rob Kardashian in a new Instagram rant. Tokyo Toni blasted the new dad in an expletive-filled post after he called her a "loose cannon" in the recently-released sneak-peek for "Rob & Chyna Baby Special".

In case you missed it, the preview showed Rob addressing the problems between his mom Kris Jenner and Chyna's mom Toni during a conversation with Scott Disick. The two ladies reportedly had an argument when they were both at the hospital for the birth of their granddaughter Dream Kardashian. "Her mom's just, like, a loose cannon," Rob said.

Responding to Rob's statement, Toni launched an Instagram tirade against the 29-year-old and his entire family. She eventually deleted the typo-filled post, but the internet never forgets.

"A Lose Canon? Since I am the topic of y'all conversation to be demonized!! Really my n***a?" she wrote. "No your entire family are lose canons boy! Think about it! Don't ever come for me again @ robkardashian to Scott a** or nobody else! I don't f**k with you people at all so why come for me!"

She continued attacking the Kardashians, writing, "I got your loose cannon! I was a loose cannon because your entire family dogged my kid so thank God I don't have to be a loose cannon anymore! Y'all family now honey! So now I can focus on my life! Real life situations that you wouldn't know s**t about!!!"

She went on reminding Rob that he turned to her too when he wasn't on the best terms with Chyna. "I was your friend, I talk to you for hours on end trying to keep your relationship together and guess what: you own your own," she said. "My phone number is all over the internet; you could have picked up the phone and told me I was going to get dog out on your show."

She ended the rant with a message for Rob. "To be talked about like this for ratings! WHERE THE F**K IS MY CHECK," she asked. "Rob give me a call so we can talk about this lose canon s**t you speaking of! Now if you want drama I can bring it by the CANON LOAD!"

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