Quentin Tarantino Confirms Retirement After His Next Two Movies

The Oscar-winning filmmaker has confirmed he's stopping at 10 movies, saying that he's ready to 'drop the mic' after making two more feature films.

AceShowbiz - Quentin Tarantino has confirmed that he will retire after making two more movies. The Oscar-winning filmmaker said he's ready to "drop the mic" following his tenth feature film, while speaking at the Adobe Max creativity conference in San Diego, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Drop the mic. Boom. Tell everybody, 'Match that s**t,' " said Tarantino. He went on to talk about how he personally defines success, "Hopefully, the way I define success when I finish my career is that I'm considered one of the greatest filmmakers that ever lived. And going further, a great artist, not just filmmaker."

While details about his next movies are still unclear, the "Kill Bill" filmmaker revealed that he's currently working on a non-movie project exploring the year in cinema of 1970. "It could be a book, a documentary, a five-part podcast," he said during the Thursday, November 3 conference. "I'm still figuring it out."

The Tennessee-born helmer also talked about how he prepares himself to write a new script. "So much of [the movie's language] revolves around a sound or a song," he said. "Before I've started, I'm seriously thinking about the music. I'm listening to a track and picturing everyone at the Cannes Palais just loving it."

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